How do we check casinos?

Before information about an online casino is published on our resource, it goes through several stages of verification. The security of the platform is always our top priority. This is the required minimum of requirements that any online gambling establishment that claims to be published in our project must meet.

If the casino positions itself as the best in the field of gambling, then providing the maximum level of protection for the personal data of customers, including bank card numbers, is a natural process. In addition to the level of security, we also study the quantity and quality of games that the online establishment offers.

In addition to a large selection of diverse gambling games, our team checks the company that released them. The developer must have authority in the field of gambling, or at least have a “clean” reputation.

Safety and trust


Having a license is one of the basic requirements for any online casino that deserves the trust of customers. Without a license, a gambling house cannot legally operate, however, some online gambling establishments ignore this fact. To prevent our website visitors from wasting time on casinos with a dubious reputation, we always check the license.

But problems can arise not only with obtaining legal permission to provide services but also with the renewal of the license. As soon as the casino ceases to meet the necessary requirements, the regulator can revoke the license. This fact should also be kept in mind when choosing an online gambling establishment.


It is equally important to check the organization that issued the online casino license. We give preference to well-known and independent control bodies, whose authority has remained unchanged over the years. The most prestigious licenses are those obtained from the British Commission, the Malta Gambling Authority, or the MGA.

SSL certificate

To protect the personal data of players, a special SSL encryption system is usually used. Each casino hosted on our site has been verified to have an encryption certificate that meets the latest security requirements. Thus, we can make sure that the online institution has ensured the safety of data regarding the account or payment systems.


The Diversity of Games

The availability of quality games on an online casino website should not be limited to just a few products. Users are much more likely to visit resources where a large number of gambling games on various topics are presented. Accordingly, our team carefully studies the range of slots and slot machines presented in a particular institution and only then recommends the casino to users.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are always of great interest among players, so we try to find online casinos where they are present and add them to our site. In most cases, gambling establishments do not hide the fact that they have progressive jackpots, but rather, on the contrary, write about it on the main page of the platform. Therefore, it is usually not difficult for our team to find such casinos.

Demo version

It is important for any user to be able to try a slot machine before starting to play for real money. Of course, the presence or absence of a demo version is determined primarily by the developer, but in some cases, the site can also influence this decision. We prioritize resources with a free trial version of the product.


The quality of the game directly depends on the developer, therefore on our website we place mainly casinos with gambling games from well-known software manufacturers. These include Microgaming,

Netent, Playtech, and other developers.

It is worth noting that many experienced gamblers often independently search for online gambling platforms that cooperate with the software manufacturers they are interested in. This approach avoids frustration and dramatically shortens the search process.

Honest RTP

Last but not least, when looking for a really good online casino is the payout percentage to the player. Naturally, the higher this indicator, the better. For this reason, we always try to post information about the RTP of all slot machines posted on our resource. But if this data is hidden for any reason, we do not indicate it either.

Payment Methods


In order to start placing bets and winning real money, you need to fund your personal account in your account on the online casino website. Despite the fact that replenishment of a deposit is a fairly quick and easy process, in some establishments, it is delayed due to the lack of proper attention from the owner of a particular online establishment. Accordingly, we without fail check how the process of depositing money to a personal account is carried out before recommending a casino to our users.

Winning safety

As mentioned earlier, one of the mandatory requirements for an online casino is to ensure a sufficient level of security for the bankroll. The use of modern encryption systems protects not only the personal data of the players but also their accounts.

Fast withdrawal of funds

We believe that the ability to quickly withdraw personal funds from your casino account is a testament to its good reputation and high liquidity. Such establishments work for the result, providing their clients with the best service since they really care about the opinion of the players. And, of course, the quick withdrawal of funds is a very convenient function, which obviously will not be superfluous.