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Mastercard Online Casinos

When speaking of the most popular, and reliable payment methods, there are several options to go for. Visa, Maestro, American Express are among them. Yet, there is one more representative trusted in more than 210 countries – Mastercard. The history of this card, payment method, and financial corporation dates back to 1966. It appeared thanks to the alliance of several banking institutions.

We have gathered the most trustworthy new mobile casino sites that accept Mastercard and where you may start making your first and the following deposits using this card.

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About Casino Mastercard

Online Casino with MasterCardAlongside being a reliable payment method, the financial corporation holding the same name, Mastercard boasts a long-standing presence in the industry. It makes it a first-line choice whenever a person thinks about issuing a banking card. In 1966, the alliance of several financial associations gathered and created an independent institution to overplay its main competitor – BankAmericard (later, rebranded into a renowned Visa).

First, the company was servicing under the name of Master Charge but with its famous interlocking circles. Yet, in 1979, it changed the name to Mastercard. The highest popularity reached them in the 1990s when a company managed to enlarge the database of clients, power the products with innovation. In the same years, they also launched Maestro and Europay.

With the introduction of the Internet, Mastercard became globally popular and spread its influence worldwide. As of now, this payment method is accepted in 210 countries.

When it comes to payment methods in casinos, Mastercard is one of the main options. Beyond that, casinos that did not yet approve it may lose a fortune of clients, hence, money. The main characteristic of Mastercard is reliable and secure transactions, especially in gambling. Therefore, you may rest assured knowing that your money credited via this method will be funded to your personal casino account safely.

Making First Deposits with Mastercard

Casino with Mastercard makes the payment process as easy as ABC to ensure clients won’t leave the website before the completion of the transaction. It typically takes less than 1 minute, and money is directly credited to the virtual pocket with the provider.

Take a look at a few steps involved in making first deposits using Mastercard:

  • Get your Mastercard. Depending on your needs, it may be either credit, debit, or prepaid card. It can be easily obtained from the nearby banking institutions. Otherwise, thanks to the comfort of online services, you may also order it online and then pick it up at the nearest branch;
  • Choose a reliable casino provider, and register there using Mastercard as the main payment method. You most likely need to verify it. Yet, it again takes less than a few minutes;
  • Go to the cashier page. Overlook the deposit options that meet your paying capacity the most. Please, do stick to the first minimal deposits if you only start playing;
  • Deposit money. It may be either $10 or $10K depending on the casino rules;
  • Proceed with the gameplays or at first with free slot pragmatic, etc. Once your first deposit is accredited to your personal account, you can move to play your favorite slots.

Withdrawing Your Earned Money from Online Casinos

The same as the first deposits, Mastercard is good for withdrawing money. Usually, there will be some rules including the limit of money you can withdraw or fees. Yet, it greatly varies based on the casino where you play.

How to withdraw?

  • Go to the Mastercard casino online cashier webpage. It is commonly found within your personal account;
  • Find payment method for a withdrawal. There should be a Mastercard, which is usually found next to visa casino payments or others. Double-check the credentials one more time;
  • Proceed with withdrawing. The limit depends on the casino, however, some providers allow withdrawing even $5K or more. Otherwise, you can withdraw several amounts but in separate transactions;
  • Celebrate your earnings. Your money will be funded to your card within 2-4 working days or even faster. All payments and withdrawals are ongoing following the order. Beyond that, a casino may charge a fee of 2%, however, it depends.

On some occasions, you can get your earnings the same day. It happens when a casino does not receive many requests one day, and can immediately process your withdrawal. Yet, reliable casino providers issue hundreds of withdrawals per day, and it may take time. Still, you should not worry about receiving your money. They are secured and are not linked to any rigging. Or, you may also try top bitcoin casino where such currency is used.

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Pros and Cons of Mastercard

Like other payment methods, casino Mastercard has pros but also some disadvantages that influence the future clients’ decisions about issuing exactly this banking card.


  • It is accepted in most reliable casino providers worldwide including the ones mentioned with our website;
  • It is linked to instant and secure transactions, usually, deprived of fees;
  • It is a secure method to send and withdraw your money;
  • It can be used with mobile banking apps;
  • Its deposits are commonly followed by extra bonuses such as free spins or welcome bonus for a registration.


  • Some casinos forget about adding it to the payment methods. So, players should either wait for it to be added or stick to other payment methods;
  • Some transactions are linked to fees. Yet, it again depends on the casino where you play;
  • Some casinos offer bonuses only for Visa registration or other payment methods.

Please, note some banks may also decline your Mastercard which makes it a con as well. Yet, such issues are easily solved by contacting the bank customer support team.


What to use best - credit or debit card?

It is up to you. We do recommend sticking to gambling with debit cards since the chances for big losses are minimal compared to credit cards. Beyond that, some countries do restrict the possibility of using Mastercard credit for online gambling.

Are you charged a fee?

Normally, casino providers take a fee from their end, so you can enjoy your winnings in full. Yet, it depends, and some casinos may charge a small fee of 2%. If you are offered to withdraw your money with a fee that exceeds 2-3%, it should arouse suspicions. Please, do rely on the list of proven casinos with our team.

Can I change payment method after the registration?

Yes, casinos make advances with such changes. After registration, and at any time possible, you can change it to other banking options. It may be Visa, AmericanExpress, or very convenient PayPal virtual wallets.

Does Mastercard offers bonuses with casinos?

Yes, Mastercard is linked to receiving welcome bonuses when you use it upon registering with a casino site. Yet, it may vary with casino providers. Or, you may be offered other bonuses with Mastercard casino including extra free spins, etc.

My card was declined, what to do?

Overlook whether you indicated the right credentials. If everything is fine, you are recommended to contact your bank and get in touch with the customer support team for a follow-up. Otherwise, you can stick to other payment methods if you have them. For instance, it may be PayPal, prepaid vouchers among others.