Privacy Policy

Our website is focused on securing data. We guarantee our clients that their data are stored under the terms imposed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On this page, you will be provided with knowledge about how your data is going to be operated and how our company is going to keep the necessary regulatory requirements. Pay your time and read it to be aware of the basic conditions.

Technical Terms

Anonymized data – user’s information that cannot provide the necessities that might be used to ascertain the identity of the client. Everything goes in an anonymized way. Following this method, we are not able to find any relation between this information and the particular individual.

Collection – the process that includes gathering, acquiring, or obtaining client’s data using any available source of information.

Consent – a term referring to the procedure when the customer agrees to provide the necessary information under clear and specific requirements.

Cookie – sort of files that are generated by the browser. They will remain on the gadget that was used to access the platform. This type of files is not harmful to the gadget, they cannot damage it with any type of computer viruses. Their main aim is binding your computer or phone or other gadget with the web resource.

Session cookie – this type of cookie file can be stored on your device during the time of session only. They will be removed from the storage as soon as you disconnect the site.

Customer – a person who connects the website and might be interested in the services delivered by the resource.

Data controller – a specialized institution that is responsible for denoting the aim and methods by which the data is going to be processed.

Double opt-in – a procedure that uses email for subscription. It must be verified after delivering the required information to the signing-up form. Our site needs your email to enable us to get in touch with you if such a necessity occurs.

Personal data – data that includes certain information for identifying the real individual:

  • Name
  • Address
  • IP Address/Email Address

Data controller

If you want to be given more specific answers to your questions towards the represented topic, contact the following email address [email protected].

How the procedure of data processing is executed. What types of data is transacted

1. When the information is stored by our company

When visiting the website, registering, or getting in touch with the support staff, you, as our customer, provide us with the specific information. Reading the abstracts, you will find out what sort of data will be gathered, what means will be operated with, what the major aims are, and what gives us the possibility to do it.

a) If you go to the site you agree that a specific set of your private information will remain on the storage of the browser from which the inquiry was sent. It’s necessary to provide a good connection and good user experience of surfing the resource. By this, we will be able to estimate the stability and safety. Here we have the list of data you will give us access to when entering the platform:

  • The IP address of gadget that sent the inquiry Internet
  • Time when the user entered the site
  • The platform which acted as a referrer URL
  • Your own campaign ID
  • The information about the platform a tool that was used to make access
  • The OS of the gadget
  • Identity of the supplier that delivered the possibility to enter the site

b) We have a customer support service. To contact it fill a special form that will gather:

  • Surname and the given name provided
  • What the topic of your request
  • The address of electronic mail to contact you
  • The request itself

The IP address of gadget that sent the inquiry Internet

Time when the inquiry was made

We won’t be able to process your request without this data.

c) Our users may also subscribe for the newsletter distribution. To do that, they need to fill a special form and provide an email address only. That is necessary data to get the recent news occurring to the gambling industry.

2. When the procedure is executed by the analysis technology

Clients that use our service deliver their data to the abovementioned tools. More clear information about how this works might be found on the specialized webpages of the suppliers. There you will be able to explore specific T&C as well as methods of making your identity protected. Use the links below to access them.

  • GeoIP Detection by Maxmind doesn’t require all the mentioned data. Its major purpose is giving the client the possibility to explore the services available in a certain area. Only IP will be collected.
  • Simple Rating by WordPress doesn’t need any specific information as well, except for the gadget’s IP. It optimizes our platform in accordance with the behavior of our customers.

Cookie files and their usage

We need to collect and process your data not only for satisfying the described needs and aims but for optimizing our webresource itself as well. We want to improve it regularly so that to give you the essential possibility to access a usable platform. To meet this requirement we use tracking technologies including cookies both ordinary and session ones.

Nevertheless, we find it vital to point out that we aren’t able to control them. There’s a simple reason – cookie file can be operated by the browser you use only. If you want to change something, the good way to do this is to go to the settings page of. Usually, the range of services any user may try includes:

  • dismounting
  • disable
  • being notified every time when receiving a new file.

Be aware of the fact that your web search engine might give the possibility to stop storing this type of files. To deactivate them you need to use op-out. Although the storage will remain free from unnecessary cookies, such actions may limit the number of options that will be available to operate via this site. That’s why managing cookies is up to you.

Non-European receivers

Our user’s data are not available to recipients that are not based within the EU borders or European Economic Area. We accept only a single exclusion:

1. GeoIP Detection operated by MaxMind, Inc. located at 14 Spring Street, Suite 3, Waltham, MA,02451 U.S.A.

The mentioned data transfer is processed to the servers of the web analysis technology provider that is authorized by our company.

Privacy Shield is the main thing we follow when transferring something that belongs to our users to certain services situated in the USA. EU Commission also imposes strict rules that are called standard contractual clauses, which must be kept as well.

How long the data is stored and how it can be removed

We are not going to store your private information longer than it’s needed to execute the certain process. Everything will be processed beyond the conditions performed by the European or any national regulator authorized by the EU regulations. If it’s necessary to operate your data for a longer period, we will ask for your consent. The data will be removed from our storage as soon as it’s not required to be processed in accordance with the regulatory rules, or in case you won’t provide us with consent.

Individual Rights

We find it necessary that you are aware of how your data is processed. You need to get familiar with your individual rights that are linked to the mentioned procedure of operating. They are regulated by GDPR:

Access Ability to get a pattern of the delivered material.
Rectification Ability to request a change in the given record.
To be forgotten Ability to ask for removing of the records.
Restriction of processing Ability to make us stop processing personal data in connection to some important reasons.
Data portability Ability to get the given information in a special format so that it could be structured and machine-readable. This right includes the ability to give access to it to a third party if it’s required.
To object

The records that were given to us might be objected in the certain circumstances:

at any time to object to all processing purposes which are carried on the basis of Article 6 of the GDPR;

at any time to your personal data being processed for direct marketing (including profiling).

To withdraw consent Any user can withdraw consent whenever he or she wants.

Those who need a more specific answer about the mentioned above rights, get in touch with the support team using the email we provided before on this page.

Safety of data

Data processing goes under the necessary standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Every user can easily find out whether the resource follows the mentioned standard. The link address must include additional “s” on the http.

Our website is also equipped with advanced technologies to guarantee you that your private information and data won’t be accessed, processed, or lost without the necessary security measures and your consent.

Notification of data incidents

Using our web plataorm you might be sure that if some data incidents occur, you will be quickly informed about that. They are quickly identified and reported to you or the responsible authorizing institution.

Our developers do their best to protect your data from any type of damage. Join our community and contact the Data Protection Office via the above-mentioned e-mail address. Thanks for joining us.