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Online Casino Welcome Bonus

There’s no wonder that every new client of any casino wants to win as much as possible and lose as little of their own money as they can. Many online platforms consider this so they realize that they need an attractive option to appeal to a wider audience. One of the most common ones that are in stock of almost any gambling resource is called casino welcome bonus.

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What is a Welcome bonus?

What does it mean and how does it work? Online casino welcome bonus is probably the first significant difference between online and live gaming. If you want to start playing one of the slot machines, the only required thing is signing up and making the first deposit. Most commonly, having executed the operation you are given a certain sum of money for becoming a client of the platform.

Thanks to the welcome bonus casino is able to lure users and keep up with the trends of the modern marketplace that is considered to be especially competitive nowadays. Considering this, they don’t neglect to advertise their additional services as the most beneficial option ever existing in the industry. If you want to learn how you can actually get one, keep reading.

What impacts the amount of the best casino welcome bonus?

We all know that gaming is about accepting risks for the sake of winning a huge jackpot. Understandably, getting much means betting a lot – the larger your deposit is the higher chances to increase it immensely. Nevertheless, deposits impact not only the possible bank to be made, but the higher deposit also increases the welcome bonus you get when signing up. If you pay some time and effort you will easily find platforms to offer their clients bonus codes that are twice or three times higher than the preceding amount.

What Kind of Welcome Bonus Can You Get?

Platforms use a variety of methods to stir up the potential clients’ interest in gambling via a certain website or mobile app. Considering slots welcome bonus, it’s necessary to figure out what may be found when you’re searching for a suitable perk. Try to explore all types and choose which one is better.

Cash Match Bonus is a common option that is available on the marketplace. Resources provide a certain percentage your deposit is going to be matched to. It may be 50%, 100%, 200%, or whatever – thing is, that the welcome bonus will amount to the offered percentage.

Staggered Cash Match Bonus seems to deliver more interesting services than the previous one. It aims to encourage customers to play craps online but the difference comes w\due to the fact that the percentage will increase corresponding to the executed deposit. For instance, if it is $100, the money given as a bonus may amount to 50% of it, but when the deposit is doubled, the bonus percentage increases up to 100%. In simple words, the percentage isn’t fixed.

Make Your Own Bonus is a rare option but still it’s quite attractive for many users. It isn’t impacted by the deposited money because it gives a certain time to actually win your welcome bonus. No risks at all. It’s like a kind of a trial giving a reasonable sum if the gamer is lucky enough.

Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus. Some platforms provide a mobile gaming option and they find it attracting users to play slot-machines using mobile gadgets vital. The bonus is given for the logging in company’s apps

No Deposit Bonus appeals to beginners because even if a Make Your Own Bonus is available, it’s impossible to start gaming without the minimum amount transferred to the account. In this case, clients receive money just for registering at that exact web-resource. The interesting thing – money isn’t the only kind of benefit, as free spins are suggested as well.

The Best Gambling Sites in September

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How to Find Good Bonuses?

Being fond of poker online games and slot machines, you should learn in what way to choose advantageous benefits you may be provided with. Keep reading and figure this out right now. Our team has some helpful tips for gamers willing to make the bank with the help of this specific sort of service.

Analyze the marketplace

The modern industry is far more developed than it was a decade or two ago. Consequently, the variety of platforms offering their customers to try online gambling with credit card is pretty wide. We recommend you search for the top 10 sites that can satisfy all your needs. Usually, such lists consist of the most progressive and innovative casinos that pay the most attention to customization referring to the users’ demands.

Study the chosen casino

Once you have decided what service to rely on, you have to explore whether it offers bonus packages. If you’re not sure whether the certain package suits you, take your time to learn other ones. That is the only way you may make the best choice. It’s better to be done before signing up.

Compare to the other variants

Even being content with the nice packages the chosen provider offers, you still shouldn’t register. Try to compare it to others considering the percentage and maximum amount. Maybe, there is something much better.

Pay attention to what you accept

You should never neglect this stage while signing up for any online platform whether it offers casual slots or live blackjack online. If you accept conditions you have to read them carefully because the advertised ones may differ from the real ones. Some casinos may even impose the wagering requirements, which forbid withdrawing the welcome bonus until meeting these exact requirements.

You can always decline it

If you aim to simply have fun when gaming, you might not accept the welcome bonus. This is especially relevant in case the casino itself appeals to you but you don’t like the probability of the necessary wagering. If perks play a very important role, study more platforms. There are plenty of them so be sure to succeed.


Is it available when using my mobile phone?

Of course, yes. Moreover, some companies offer an additional bonus, which are gifted only for logging the platform via your own phone. Using your phone is even more convenient in terms of accessing the profile both with an app and a desktop. In any case, the bonus is available for any registered client who made the first deposit at a required amount.

Which platform provides a second to none welcome bonus?

There is no single sample that would determine which ones are good and which are not. Everything is about personal tastes, intentions, and money you can afford yourself to spend. Some players find free spins beneficial while others prefer receiving solid amounts with help of the high percentage. It’s all up to you.

What are wagering requirements?

These requirements are pretty tricky because they oblige the players to win a certain amount before they can withdraw the prize. For instance, if you have 10x of it for a $100 welcome bonus, you need to win $1000 in order to make any withdrawal. How to avoid this? Just be attentive when accepting terms and conditions.

Might a welcome bonus be used on any game?

This option is not available in any game. The only casino itself can choose the set where the players might receive a welcome bonus. If you want to know exactly in which games bonuses are available, study the platform you’ve chosen. It should provide clients with the required information.