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About Live Casino

World Casino Expert caters to gamblers who love accessing fair and responsible gameplay. We review and offer you to play a wide range of live casino games. All games are powered with unique features able to intrigue players with perfect camera angles. The latter will transfer you into a virtual simulation of a casino-like experience where you can interact with other pros in the industry, and see what gaming strategies they hide in their pockets to overplay others.

What Is Casino Live?

Top Live Casino | World Casino ExpertIn simple terms, casino live is a virtual atmosphere and replication of land-based gambling houses. One can play alongside other players fond of table games. Modern live slots are rather computerized, so you partially play against a real croupier or dealer. Yet, you may still see and interact with other gamblers.

Our dedicated and unbiased team recommends everyone to choose our games that feature live chats. You can choose any live table game and show others your own Aces. Please, do also familiarize yourself with the following features of an online live casino:

  • Real-like gaming experience resembling land-based gambling houses;
  • An access to other players’ profiles, their ratings, and virtual chats for communication during the game;
  • A virtual tipping. You can tip the croupier to appreciate their contribution to your game;
  • Pop-up instructions on every casino games. If you are a beginner and forget some rules, this feature allows you to catch up with them without interruptions to third-party screens;
  • You do not travel to Las Vegas or other major gambling houses spots to play your favourite table games. Everything is ongoing online at your own place.

How Do We Find the Best Online Casino with Live Dealer?

Prior to recommending you anything in terms of gaming providers, we go the extra mile checking every single feature. First, our team registers with one or another casinos online and overlooks how the registration process is ongoing. After that, we stick to learning how convenient deposits and cashing outs are. If such basics are okay, we move forward.

Then, we do review how one casino cares about the players. It includes the customer support team, security and protection of one’s personal data, and most importantly, credentials from the payment method. Finally, we do also pay attention to the casino site ratings. There should be no negative outcomes of playing with them, as well as total negative feedback.

When it comes to online casino live games, we ensure the interfaces, and features correspond to the quality. It involves friendly dealers, convenient live chats, navigation for players, as well as detailed instructions and rules on how to play one or another live games.

Last but not least, the feature which we do review is compatibility. Since players should not travel to land-based gambling houses, they should access comfort online. They should have the chance to play on all their mobile devices without any lags, or bags. It means that iPhone, Windows, and Android operating systems gameplays should be offered.

If you see one live dealer casino with us, remember that our dedicated team reviewed it for you, and you won’t come across any events of rigging.

How Should You Choose Live Dealer Casino Games Alone?

Similar to other selections of goods or online products, live gambling slots should be approached with preparation and caution as well. For instance, you should pay attention to the variety of live games found with one or another gambling websites. Then, it concerns game quality, available bonuses, and just interface features since you should play all your rounds at ease.

Once you made up your mind about the best live games, decide also which game you would like to start your gaming journey. It may take even more time for you, however, you’d better start with games which you have played before and are aware of rules. Otherwise, read with us the guidelines to the most live table games and choose the one which you may consider your best match.

Note, some providers do also help players understand which game or bonus is worth it all. For instance, some slots are great for high rollers, while some are the best for learning the tactics of playing. Yet, you should always start with free gameplays or at least with min. bets. It helps to save your money.

Types of Live Casino Games

Before players were offered a limited number of online slots. They literally chose one operator and enjoyed some live table games. Today, players dictate which variations, and live games they want to see. For instance, it may concern how live dealer games should look, how many cameras are available for overlooking the gameplay and rounds among others. So, let’s check the major types of live casino games.

Live BlackJack

The Best Live BlackJack | World Casino ExpertAmong the most catchy games to try is Live Casino Blackjack online. It is in demand among virtual gamblers and found in major land-based casinos worldwide. The perks most loved by players are low house edge, as well as ease of rules. The same concerns a great number of variations available with casino sites including Infinite, Power, Clubhouse, Party Exclusive, Double Blackjack among others.

What about the targets of this game? You as a player should overplay a dealer by having a closer number of hands to 21 than a dealer. Yet, if you manage to have over 21, you are defeated. Please, note, this game is very catchy, so do not always take more hands and risk.


The Best Live Roulette from World Casino ExpertThe next offer is Online Live Roulette which is enjoyed with live camera experience too. You can first check how others play, and then try your luck by guessing a winning combo. The main perks of this game are variations which are many. For instance, you may find European, American, and French variations.

As for short rules, you have to bet on single or double numbers with splitting. Black or red numbers are there too. Even though this game is fully about your pure luck, some strategies exist and help players occasionally land a win. You can also find some providers that reveal roulette variations for high rollers. Yet, do also proceed with min. bets to not risk a fortune of money.


Top Live Poker from World Casino ExpertNo live slots lists can be classified complete without poker. It is available in all land-based and virtual casinos worldwide. Why do players love it? It is great for high stakes and high wins. There are lots of online tournaments where you can find pros in the industry and try to compete against them. There are also lots of variations that you can test alone. Finally, it is all about risk, adrenaline and excitement. You can find a community of poker players and chat with them about their strategies of overplaying established algorithms.


Top Live Baccarat from World Casino ExpertLast but not least, your choice for a live gaming experience is Baccarat. There are only two of you, you and the dealer whom you should overplay. The rounds are powered with three outcomes – either you win, or a dealer or a tie. Today, Live Baccarat is also available with most sites.

How to Play Live Casino?

If you are ready to start playing either live dealer games or the same slots online win real money, you have to do several steps:

Choose casino sites that draw your attention the most;

Register. You have to fill empty fields with standard personal information including name, date of birth, etc;

Decide on the currency you will use for deposits and cashing out;

Verify your personal account with ID. It helps to identify whether you are of full legal age to proceed with gambling;

Apply bonus if you have, and enter the amount which you want to fund your account with;

Choose a game to play, and enjoy a real money experience. Upon winning anything, you can cash it all out.

The Best Gambling Sites in September

Rank Online Casino Total Slots Bonuses Visit Site
#1 Online Casino Play Fortuna - review, bonus, free spins > 2000 100% Bonus up to $/€500 + 225fs PLAY
#2 Online Casino Booi - review, bonus, free spins > 2000 250% Bonus + 125 free spins PLAY
#3 Online Casino Rizk - review, bonus, free spins > 1500 100% Bonus up to €100

Treats for Players from Casinos Live

Lots of tantalizing and lucrative treats for players exist. Depending on the casino where you play poker or, for instance, free keno games with bonus, you will be treated for deposits, strange it may sound. Let’s take an example. Most websites offer bonuses for first contributions to the account. It may be a deposit of 100$, and you can receive the same number of bonuses or doubled to try out with certain live table games.

Then, you can also find no deposit bonus just to help you learn the game flow, and only after deposit some money. Some go the extra mile powering players with such bonuses as free spins, or prizes for downloading the casino to the mobile device. World Casino Expert recommends sticking to the list of our providers since they are the most lucrative ones in terms of such treats for players.

Benefits and Pitfalls Games with Live Dealer

All live casino can be powered with both benefits and pitfalls, so check some of them.

  • You enter a real live gaming experience since you can overlook the game rounds, other players with a camera as well as access a live chat to interact with your competitors;
  • You are not rigged, and you access fair gameplay which you see with your own eyes rather than guess what a virtual algorithm may power your pocket with. Everything is linked to the utmost transparency;
  • To attract as many players as possible to join one casino, such gambling websites offer lots of bonuses for players. So, by depositing your account, you can double that amount of money.
  • Some top rounds are slow because you have to wait for other players to make up their minds about bets and flows;
  • Such gaming solutions are very popular, so you can wait a while to join the room to try your own luck;
  • Some gaming houses offer such solutions which have lags and bags. So, it may cause frustration.

Bonuses We Offer

Play Responsibly

Please, do always remember that such games are designated to power you with fun and adrenaline only. Gambling is not a way of earning money but entertainment. Do always proceed with free gameplays when you are not aware of all rules. After that, start with minimal deposits to not risk a fortune of money.

World Casino Expert do recommend informing your beloved ones or friends about such a hobby. They may help supervise your gaming, and tell you soberly whether you play it without any addiction. Do not take any loans but play only with the available budget. If you believe, gambling is no longer fun, and you are bound to addictive outcomes, seek professional help immediately.


Who can painlessly access such games?

Like other gambling products, only people of full legal age may play them with no trouble.

Can you play them with your smartphone?

All such real cash products are fully suitable for your smartphone, tablet and desktop gameplays.

What about the quality of streams?

Most gaming houses ensure live casino games come in HD quality. You can see every detail involved in rounds.

Can a dealer rig you?

By relying on licensed, and time-proven gaming houses with us, you won’t be rigged. Everything is linked to fair and responsible gameplay. If you are scared that a dealer may stick to such practices, do remember that such actions have legal proceedings, so there is no point in the rigging.

Should you download anything?

No, you can play without downloading. Enter your personal account, and overlook the gameplays through a browser.

What is better - live games or online games?

It is fully up to you, however, live casino games give you transparency and a real atmosphere where you can chat with other players, and play against real pros.

I have lost my Internet connection during the gameplay, what to do?

No worries, gaming houses are prepared for such events. All your bets will be proceeded with. If your bet manages to win, you will have that earnings on your account.