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Slot Game of Thrones

by Fortune Panda

The Game of Thrones Slot features numerous elements and stories from the book series "Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin, which was adapted for TV as "Game of Thrones" and has triggered storms of enthusiasm among fans and critics alike.

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About Game of Thrones

The slot machine is based more on the TV series, which can be clearly seen in the video sequences. Microgaming has made a thematic hit because just like in gambling, the characters in the series are often only separated by a fine line between absolute phases of happiness and sad defeats – hopefully, the feelings of happiness outweigh the feelings of happiness for our players, because, in the series, the good ones often have to take the fall: George R.R. Martin is famous for having the most popular characters cross the Jordan River often and surprisingly.

But regardless of whether you are a fan of the series or approach the slot machine without any prior knowledge – it offers a lot of atmospheres and plenty of chances to win. There are two variations – one with a massive 243 pay lines and one with a manageable 15!

How to play Game of Thrones

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Don’t worry – the Game of Thrones slot machine is a lot less complicated than the series or especially the books. Nevertheless, the game is atmospherically very coherent and fans will be thrilled: the reunion with well-known heroes will please all Westerosi. The original soundtrack of the series contributes a lot to the atmosphere – it fits perfectly here.

First of all, there is two Game of Thrones slots: one with 15 and one with 243 pay lines. In terms of content, the two games are hardly distinguishable – ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether you prefer multi-line games or would rather play a simpler form of the machine. In any case, you always have to play all the pay lines – the maximum bet per spin is 3 euros for the 15-line version and 6 euros for the 243-line version.

Both machines offer three rows and five reels and, as already mentioned, play basically the same. You set the bet and off you go.

Winning symbols are, as usual with Microgaming, firstly the card symbols A, K, Q, J – these symbols are worth the least. Then come the coats of arms of four great families from Westeros: the House of Targaryen, symbolized by the three-headed dragon, the Starks from the North, symbolized by a wolf, the Lannisters bear a lion in their coat of arms, and the current royal family Baratheon is symbolized by a stag. In addition, the Game of Thrones logo appears as a wild (joker). It appears as a “stacked” wild and can quickly occupy an entire row and thus drive up the winnings.

Finally, the scatter is the “Iron Throne” – which also takes on other special tasks.

Game of Thrones Free Spins

The king’s throne, called the Iron Throne, is the symbol of power in Westeros. It was forged from weapons of defeated enemies and has sharp edges and deadly spikes. When this symbol appears three or more times on the screen, the Game of Thrones Free spins start, which is particularly lucrative. In the beginning, you have to choose one of the four family symbols – each symbol brings its own bonus in the Game of Thrones free spins:

  • Dragon (Targaryen): 18 free spins and wins are doubled.
  • Wolf (Starks) – 14 free spins and wins are tripled
  • Lion (Lannister) – 10 free spins, all wins times four
  • Baratheon: 8 free spins, all wins times

In addition, the symbols of the chosen family appear “stacked” one after the other – which further increases the chance of winning: the higher the free spins amount, the bigger the stack.

The free spins in Game of Thrones bring in a lot of money – but choosing the right family is a decision that should be well thought out. Fans should nevertheless try all of them – the family motto is always displayed on the screen – a nice detail that creates even more atmosphere.

Video Review of Game of Thrones

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Published: February 19, 2020
Last modified: October 15, 2021

Game of Thrones's Features

  • Game of Thrones characters;
  • Thumping soundtrack;
  • Real clips of the TV Series.

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