European Roulette

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Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only +18 • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum deposit $10

18+ Only • Minimum Deposit $/€10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit €20

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum deposit $10

Only 18+ • Minimum Deposit $20

Table of Contents:

European Roulette Online

There are now over six variations of this popular roulette game. These variations can be found both online and in-line casinos. The European version of the game is the most popular and attracts players to try their luck. Do not trust all online roulette providers if you are just looking to play European Roulette.

World Expert Casino created a list to help you enjoy this game without any risk of fraud or unfair outcomes. The list is available to be consulted at any time.

The Profile of European Roulette Play

As you can see, this variant’s history and origin are tied to Europe. It was there that the first gamblers were attracted. It reached America in 19 century, after having been introduced to Europe. The game, which featured catchy plots and simple rules, was first available on riverboat gambling websites. This type of voyage was chosen by people who wanted to travel and also make some extra money. It involved two routes, Lousianna & Mississippi.

There is no need to travel there to find the game. However, you can play it online at most of the top online casinos, including those in Las Vegas. There are 37 slots in the new European Roulette version, as opposed to 38 slots with two separate zero slots. It is possible to play the game with real money, or for fun. You can even play a demo version of the game to get a feel for it and have some fun gaming.

How to Play European Roulette?

Gamblers are well aware that the rules are almost identical regardless of the European Roulette wheel variation. All one needs to know about the game is that it has 37 pockets. 1 to 36 numbers are in red and black colors, while 1 to zero is green zero. It’s obvious that you can place any kind of bet, and you can choose any number or color where the ball is most likely landing. After the bets have been placed, a dealer turns the wheel and initiates the round. Players who are able to correctly predict where the ball will land win. This game requires no complexity.

Comparison of American and European Variations

First off, their major similarity is that both variations are widely available in most house edge worldwide. One may try firstly one variation and then switch to the second variation. Yet, what makes them a little bit different?

As was hinted above, the European variation has 37 pockets where 1-36 are represented in black and red colors alongside 1 extra green zero. When it comes to American variation, you will find double zero, and an additional green pocket. What will it give you? Everything is linked to lost bets if the table appears with the double zero, while the house edge will increase. For instance, by playing American variation, the house edge may reach even 5.26%, while European variation gives 2.7% of it. Which one to play is fully up to players, and their demands regarding the house edges, and pockets available.

Special Perks of European Variation

Most gamblers prefer going for European variation because it has only one zero pockets which increases their chances for a win. While double zero, and one extra zero may lead them to a higher probability of loss.

European variation reduces the house edge, however, it does not mean that the potential for a win will be equal to 50/50 against the casino. It means that a game will most likely tip the casino site’s favor. Some providers do also add an Orphans feature bet to make a game more interesting, however, you should not care much about it if you begin to gamble.

Comparing Free and Money Gameplays

As a team of responsible reviewers of casinos, we do always insist on players starting with free gameplay. They help to learn the game flow and avoid huge monetary risks. Yet, real money games are linked to benefits as well. Check the comparison of free European roulette vs real cash game below.

  • You familiarize yourself with the main rules, betting system, pockets, and table interfaces;
  • You can play online without traveling to the nearest online casinos. Everything is conveniently played through your browser;
  • You can build a strategy for your future potential wins, and then implement it all with your available budget;
  • You won’t get any sites bonuses with Free Casino Download though;
  • Fair RNG, and fair gameplays without any fraud if choosing any provider of games.
  • You access the lowest stakes compared to the offers in the nearby gaming houses;
  • You can also play online without traveling to a nearby gaming house. Play through your browser on any mobile device;
  • You can start playing with small stakes and then gradually increase them;
  • Upon registering with one or another gaming house, you can receive a welcome bonus for a sign-up or your first/second/third and so on deposits;
  • Fair RNG, and fair gameplays without any fraud if choosing any provider of games.

So, both have their attractive perks with one or another online casino. If you have never played slots, you should always start with free gameplays only. Please, choose the providers to Play Online Slots mentioned by our team, since they are linked exclusively to fair gaming experiences.

Betting System

As with most table games, this game’s betting system is tied to both inside and outside bets. Inside bets can be placed on single numbers or their combinations. Outside bets are for the entire number selection.

These are some examples of Inside Betting with European Roulette Game:

  • 35/1 Straight up, Single Number – You can only bet on one number.
  • 17/1 Split – Two numbers bet
  • 11/1 Street – Three numbers bet
  • 8/1 Corner – Four numbers bet
  • 5-1/Line – Six numbers bet.

These are some examples of Outside Betting using European Roulette Game:

  • 2/1 Columns – 36 pockets are broken into 3 so that you can place a bet on any column.
  • 2/1 Dozens – A bet on any 12-sectional column
  • 1/1 Red – Bet on any red
  • 1/1 Low – Bet on any number between 1-18
  • 1/1 High – Bet on any number between 19 and 36

This is a brief introduction to the betting options available in this game. You can learn more about odds and how to overplay an algorithm. You can find out more about this perk in our review.

Tips for Beginners

The main tip that appears throughout the whole article is to start playing only with free gameplays. It concerns most of the games including Live Blackjack Online or Poker, etc. It is the best way of testing the variation and learning some strategies that may help you further on with the win. Beyond that, free gameplays are appreciated by pros in the industry since they build some hacks on overplaying their future competitors.

The next tip is to overlook the math of streaks. For your acknowledgment, all table games are about one’s pure luck, and random. All the spins are completely independent and cannot predict future table outcomes. So, you first need to learn how the ball lands, the probability of it landing on red/black numbers, certain columns or the selection of numbers among others.

Since there are many variations of this game, there are also lots of titles. You should try several titles prior to diving in full with one. For instance, by choosing one title, take a look at the interface, animation, betting system, available buttons to initiate the rounds. Find the one that will fully satisfy you with all its perks.

Do not believe in any ready-to-use strategies. Again, this game is all about randomness, hence, you should solely play with your placed bets rather than believing that one bet on red will bring you a huge win. It does not work like that. You may build your strategies with free gameplays.


Are there any necessary downloads?

To ensure players access convenient and fast gameplays, the casinos offer titles that can be played through a browser with no download. You may play it on any mobile device.

Can I play with real money?

Yes, together with free gameplays, you can easily find a website that enables players to make bets with their real money. Still, it is required to start with free titles that will help you familiarize with the game flow without any monetary risks.

How many pockets are found within European Roulette?

There are 37 pockets available with this game where 1-36 are represented with red and black colours and 0 stands for green colour

Do I have more chances to land a win with European variation?

European variation has more favourable odds compared to other variations. Yet, the win is random, and you can potentially land more wins with American roulette online as well.