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Play American Roulette Online

Gambling personalities adore American roulette due to its randomness. People never lose an opportunity to try their luck in this game when being in Las Vegas. It is so thrilling to watch the ball jumping on the pockets of the wheel and try to predict its destination. This roulette version is more popular and recognizable among gamblers. Though, one can try its European variant to compare.

A person risks losing everything when playing this game for the first time in Atlantic City. Inexperienced players don’t know its secrets and depend on destiny. Luckily, one can try its free version without the necessity to turn the pockets out or visit the top gambling spots in the US. One needs only a smartphone or a PC to play the most popular game around the world. World Casino Expert informs about tips and tricks of the game, including websites that let a gamer play online slots for real money and fun.

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What Is Free American Roulette Online?

American roulette is not a new game. Though most people know its American version, the game has European roots. French emigrants started playing it in New Orleans at the end of the XVIII century. Later, it was recognized and popular in other states. Americans changed the rules by adding one extra pocket with two zeros. First, It was hard to legalize the game because of the law restrictions, but today one can play it even online. No wonder free American roulette online gained higher popularity among players compared to its original brick-and-mortar version.

It is easy to play the game. There is a wheel with slots of three colors that are numbered from 00 to 36. Zero and double-zero are green, and other numbers are black or red. Since 2016, Americans also can deal with a 39-slot game due to the tripled zero. In the original version of the game, a person waits till the croupier throws the ball on the spinning wheel. Gamers bet and wait till the ball lands. In other words, one tries to guess the trajectory of the thrown ball.

Besides, experienced players make several stakes depending on sectors. There are three of them, and gamblers often try to cover the bordering slots not to lose. That is why it is such a good idea to learn the rules with no deposit online. After, one can visit on-land casinos or select the version that involves real money. The more experience one gets, the higher chances one will have to win.

Relying on customers’ reviews, online roulette is not so trendy among gambles. They like to play video poker free or blackjack more. Mostly, it is because of the high house edge and 1:37 chances to win.

What Type of Online Roulette Should You Choose to Play?

Except for European and American roulette, one can play 3D, mini, or a French one. Mostly, they are similar. They have the same rules and almost the same number of slots. The lowest and the highest payouts of all five types are equal. So, how does American roulette online casinos differ from other analogs?

Only the US variant has 00 or 000 wheels.

It has the highest house edge indicator (5.26%, Mini – 3.85%, 3D and European – 2.7% and French roulette has the lowest one – 1.35%)

It has the highest number of pockets (38 with double zero and 39 with three 0). Others have 37, and only mini one has 13.

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It goes without saying that online games do not provide a real dealer. Moreover, one feels less excited when deciding to play online casino Bitcoin. Nevertheless, psychologists state that online gaming does not make you spend much in comparison with Vegas. It happens due to the lack of people who can convince you to play high stakes or go all-in.

How to Play: Secrets of American Roulette Online

The most significant advantage of online gambling is that one has fun with no download and install options. A person should visit our website and click the hyperlink to play at no cost. Another variant is to visit another website and play for real money. Everything depends on one’s preferences. We offer only reliable gambling websites that are controlled by licensing bodies.

Our experts have interviewed game providers and gamers to create the list of rules of the American roulette online for beginners.

One chooses between no-cost and real-money games. In the free version, one just creates an account and selects American roulette or applies the filter. It is not necessary to download it. One just opens the link on the browser and plays.

Just like any other gambling, a player will need to choose the stake. One will see chips that differ in size and value. Large ones cost more while smaller ones are cheaper. It is essential to pay attention to the available bets. There might be limitations. Besides, online casino welcome bonus bets and chips. So, one can try to use them.

One should bet depending on the money he or she has. A person can try to win with the same stake and number on the wheel. Though, such an approach is not always practical. It is better to choose several slots and cover them with one bet. To bet, a player needs to take the chip and drag it on the table layout.

Now, it is time to activate the game. One will find a spin button to start it. A person cannot change the bet while the wheel is spinning. So, it is necessary to consider it before pressing the button. If the ball falls in the slot the player has chosen, the system will top up the balance immediately. That is the only possible way to win. After that, the system will reset the table layout, and the gamer will need to bet again.

Online games let a person repeat the bet, double it, or cancel and select another one. The game offers Rebit, Refresh, and Clear Bet buttons to simplify the process.

World Casino Expert: How to Play American Roulette Online to Win

Our website has nothing to do with gambling. We are not responsible for the quality and rules of the game. We just want to inform our readers about the available options, bonus games, winning combinations (if there are any), and other details of the online game. We never offer illegal affairs. Each suggestion is fair and legal. These are some tips and tricks which might be helpful.

Try to Examine Your Luck for Free. Perhaps, some casinos aim at leaving their clients penniless. One will not get cheated when playing on our website. We link our customers only to reputable online casinos. Eventually, the outcome of the bet depends on a gamer’s luck only. If a person is afraid to become dependent on gambling, it will be better to play free American roulette. Even if one loses, a person will spend unreal money.

Learn about Inside and Outside Bets. Players usually deal with two types of best. The inside ones promise higher payouts, but the chance to win is really low (1:37 in 00 and 1:38 in 000 roulette because one must select only one slot). Outside betting guarantees better odds to win. For example, one can use only one-colour numbers. Other variants are to select only odd numbers (1,3,5,7, etc.), even numbers (36,34,32,..), or bet on numbers that belong to the same column or box. Those, who do not like to lose, should concentrate on the second type of betting.

5 Bet. The chance to win here equals 6:1. A person selects five numbers from 00 to 3. The only disadvantage of this bet is a too high house edge. It makes almost 8%, so the fans of conservative gaming should better avoid this bet.

Experiment with Betting Systems. It is not a problem to find websites that explain how to win and what to do to reduce the percentage of the house edge. We have tried some, though nothing good came out of it. Nevertheless, a person can try various algorithms thanks to no-cost online gambling. Perhaps, it will help to find the best betting system.

Successful Patterns Do not Exist. Each casino introduces a betting story to the clients. Some players try to repeat the success of the previous gamers by following the pattern of lucky number selection. Unfortunately, it never works. The ball does not track patterns. Moreover, reputable online casinos promise random and fair gaming.


Is it possible to play American roulette for free?

Sure. Our website provides a list of reputable online roulettes. No need to register, download, or setup the installation file. One just uses a smartphone or a tablet with access to the Internet and a browser. A person plays and enjoys the game without making anything extra.

Is American roulette a more winning option compared to European and French?

Actually, quite the opposite. When selecting one number out of the available 37, a person’s odds to win are 36:1. American versions have 00 and sometimes even 000. Consequently, chances to guess the lucky number are not significant as well. Other versions have only a single zero pocket.

Can I face cheating in American roulette?

It will never happen if you play on trustable websites. Today, one can recognize them by checking data about their service on the websites of online gaming regulators and licensing bodies. For example, iTech Labs and eCOGRA provide their approval seals only to fair and random online casinos. So, a person must look for information about audits and the body that has performed them. We never deal with game providers that cheat their customers.