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Live Blackjack Online

World Casino Expert can save gamblers a lot of time and real money – our gambling specialists have conducted elaborated testing and selection processes to present players with the list of the reliable online blackjack live dealer casinos. The readers are encouraged to choose the most suitable options and utilize all the variety of free bonus features provided by our partnership with the listed platforms.

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Best Websites to Play Live Blackjack Against Real People

Blackjack with live dealer | World Casino ExpertDespite how smart artificial intellect can be, no computer can replace a range of emotions that a live online blackjack tournament brings to its true fans. An encounter against a dealer online with the actual gamblers around makes a player rack their brains like no game against a computer can do. People are unpredictable and often illogical, which is why one can never guess the outcome of a live game. While possessing a lot of knowledge and skills, AI bounded by the strategy it was programmed with, which is why so many gamblers prefer flexing their skills in online casinos.

Because of the immense popularity of blackjack among gamblers, one can find advertisements for live blackjack matches everywhere. Still, visiting the first casino that pops up can be unreasonable: frauds await for inexperienced players to take the bait. And even if one is lucky enough to find a decent gaming platform, a pre-search would still be a better option, as soon as the most popular platform doesn’t always mean the best bonuses and most benefitting game rules.

Start playing live blackjack matches following these simple steps

No complex operations are required to start playing live blackjack online – especially if you’re using World Casino Expert as an assistant.

  1. Scroll down all the casinos from our comprehensive list and pick one with the best playing field and bonuses;
  2. Follow the link to get the exclusive bonuses provided by the casino to our readers;
  3. Create a new account on the platform – the registration won’t take too much of your time;
  4. Start playing immediately if the platform of your choice asks no deposit money from new players;
  5. Submit a deposit, if that step is required by the platform, and go test your skills in an enthralling game of wit – blackjack.

Why not all blackjack live casinos can be found in our top-tier list

Top BlackJack with live dealer | World Casino ExpertIf comparing Web search results and our list of the selected few websites, one can notice that the most trending casinos rarely find their place in our top. The reason for that is a strict selection process that eliminates the majority of hyped-up gambling platforms simply because they don’t reach our quality standards.

That said, to ensure that our readers are only playing in the best live casino online available, our team of gambling experts audits each platform for compliance with the highest security, user-friendliness, and convenience requirements. As a result, when our list of the top-tier online blackjack live dealer casinos is updated, one can be sure to find only exceptional entertainment platforms there.

Security. Each platform’s check starts with a thorough study of its security system. The most basic requirements of ours demand that a platform possesses a license from a trustworthy regulatory body (Malta, Curacao, respective European licensors: Sweden, Germany, Belgium). The fact of such a license’s obtainment is proof of the casino’s solvency, integrity, and security. Still, to make certain of the platform’s protection measures, our tech team studies the principles of each casino’s data transfer and storage. The latest encryption protocols, SSL-certificate, DDoS protection, and advanced firewall allow a website to pass this rigorous check-point.

Bonus control. It is an often occurrence for gamers to find out about the hidden terms of bonus issuing after real cash was deposited into their in-game account. To avoid being fooled by the rules written in hundreds of Terms and Conditions pages, World Casino Expert invites professional lawyers to evaluate the fairness of each website’s player agreements. Whether the promised free bonus gifts are actually being provided to gamblers on the advertised terms is what determines whether the live blackjack online casino will continue to fight for a place in our A-list.

Game diversity. Being a blackjack-centered website is not enough to satisfy the demands of our experts. To be acknowledged as the best live casino, a platform has to offer other sit-and-goes, slots, card games, or live tournaments. All in all, sometimes even the most loyal blackjack fans want to change the pace and enjoy live baccarat without enduring the trial of finding a trustworthy gaming platform.

Convenience. From the new player’s point of view, the user-friendliness of a website is a feature of the highest priority. All in all, before the security and solvency of the platform, are revealed, its stability and convenience determine whether the player will want to continue staking their real money here. Therefore, a website has to be accessible from all possible browsers and possess not only a PC version but tablet & mobile ones as well. Other requirements include the platform’s stability, high loading speed, responsive web design, and easy navigation. Websites with “traditional” gambling design that consists of cluttered animated elements are fated to receive a quick no-go from our gambling experts.

Website’s popularity. No matter how good a platform can be, if it doesn’t attract enough visitors, one will need to wait hours before the blackjack match will gather the required number of players. A small number of users might also mean that the website has some kind of hidden pitfalls one has yet to discover. Nonetheless, the website with poor traffic is automatically detached from this list so that a player would be able to enjoy a match against a real dealer online at any time of the day without a long wait.

Customer support responsiveness. Issues are an inescapable part of the gambler’s routine. What is more important is how quick and eager to help the casino’s support would be. Respectfulness, expert knowledge of the platform and its players’ often occurring problems, as well as a speed of response compose good customer support – an essential component of an actually good live online blackjack casino.

Support of different payment methods. After one has found the absolute best of a gambling platform, a single step separates them from a plunge into the ocean of entertainment – a possibility to effortlessly transfer money onto their in-game account. Credit and debit cards, cash, prepaid cards, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies are some of the basic options a platform has to provide so that every player will be able to find a convenient payment method for themself. The quickness of payment processing is also thoroughly reviewed by our gambling experts. As one of the final checks, we judge how fast queries for money withdrawal are handled by the casino and whether the size of the winning influences the response time from the platform.

The Best Gambling Sites in September

Rank Online Casino Total Slots Bonuses Visit Site
#1 Online Casino Play Fortuna - review, bonus, free spins > 2000 100% Bonus up to $/€500 + 225fs PLAY
#2 Online Casino Booi - review, bonus, free spins > 2000 250% Bonus + 125 free spins PLAY
#3 Online Casino Rizk - review, bonus, free spins > 1500 100% Bonus up to €100

Be an adult – play blackjack responsibly

Gambling is a hobby that comes side-by-side with a high risk of over-indulgence. It is a great occupation for people who enjoy risk from time to time, but by no means should it be considered the main source of income. Such an attitude of mind creates a risk of addiction origin; therefore, to play safely, one must constantly monitor themself and realize the risks they’re taking. If one notices a lack of control over their actions, it is essential to turn for help without delay. Gambling addiction is always accompanied by immerse financial losses, mental health problems, ruined families and friendships.
Remember that only responsible gambling can bring positive emotions to a player.

Frequently asked questions about Live Blackjack

Are there any other live games lists available on the World Casino Expert website?

Visitors of our website can find hundreds of casinos that offer a variety of live games aside from blackjack. Be it poker, baccarat, or roulette live, we have arranged the selected few platforms in top lists for the readers’ convenience. Both occasional players and high rollers will find something interesting to satisfy their demand here.

Does rules of real-life blackjack and live online blackjack vary?

Those players who are familiar with the regular blackjack rules won’t find online blackjack matches any different as soon as they share exactly the same gaming principles.

With what devices can one play live blackjack?

Essentially, one can use any device to access online casinos from our list. We have specifically chosen only those platforms that provide the same user experience to gamblers with PC, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the player owns an iPhone, an iPad, an Android smartphone, a PC with Windows or MacOS.