Online Keno for Real Money

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What is Keno?

Play Keno with World Casino ExpertPlayers who want to find an extremely easy game with no rules but fun should take a look at Keno. It fits most beginners, however, pros may have the mood for Keno too. No skills or knowledge of gaming is required. Keno is such gameplay that may resemble one a bingo or a lottery. Yet, it has some distinctive features that differentiate Keno from other popular games.

This game is now available with many UK casinos, where one may play Keno online for cash. Still, it is also recommended to play for free to learn the main principles behind the mechanism of a game. All the potential losses won’t affect one’s pocket. Even though it is easy and fun, directly diving into serious monetary gameplays can lead you to losing money like with video slots.

Basic Rules of the Game Keno from World Casino Expert

So, what this game stands for. It involves three basics – keno card, buttons to perform actions as well as paytable. Yet, you should know that online Keno may differ in the previously-mentioned basics depending on the casino. Let’s cover them in detail.

  • Keno Card – it is literally a grid of certain numbers. It may resemble a lottery ticket with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. In most casinos, this card is represented with 8 rows of 10 numbers;
  • Paytable – it serves to signal you about the payouts you get by landing certain combinations. For instance, you do not get paid for landing the most numbers but for a percentage of numbers, you manage to land. How does it work? If you hit 5 of 5 numbers, you hit a payout of 1800x, while hitting 4 of 12 numbers will cost you only 2x of your bet;
  • Quick Pick – if you want a system to pick randomly the numbers for you, this button helps with it. This mechanism is found with most lotteries.

That’s pretty it for the start with online keno for real money. All the rest, you will learn by playing free versions of Keno.

What Are the Existing Types of Keno Game?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of Keno types available with most casinos. Yet, below you can find the most popular ones among players.

Standard Keno

This is the type discussed within this review. It lacks complex schemes, strategies but involves fun and excitement;

Video Slot Keno

This type mimics the typical characteristics of modern video slots. You play alone avoiding communications with other players;

Progressive Keno

A great example of this type is Football Keno progressive;

Power Keno

It is a typical Australian variation of Keno. You can pick up to 20 digits. As for the perk of this type compared to others, the Power game allows one to quadruple the winning amount upon landing a digit that a player has previously picked;

Super Keno

This is a twin to Power variation except for the missing quadrupling feature;

Way Keno

It comes with many ways of winning including you can go for different numbers groups that may be identical not different ones obligatorily;

Combination Keno

This variation, in turn, resembles the Way game, however, you can manipulate with number groups in several combinations.

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How to Play the Game for Real Cash?

As was hinted above, this gambling product goes around the groups of numbers – 1 to 80. You have to choose up to 10 numbers by clicking on the designated squares found on the table. Then, you choose the stake. Overlook your numbers, and if you agree to play with them, click the Play button. That button initiates the algorithm, and it picks any random 20 numbers. Accordingly, the more numbers coincide with your previous picks, the more you win.

Some variations of the game do also feature an auto-play mechanism where it involves 5 to 10 draws in one row.

To check your winnings with Keno casino games, you should find the payout part. Beyond that, it shows you how much you can win if you manage to land some numbers. As you may see the rules are extremely easy, and you won’t tickle your nerves with many buttons. Yet, you’d always better proceed first with free gameplays.

How to Start a Play on Casinos?

  • Decide on the Keno game you want to play. If you do not know, overlook the available variations once again;
  • Choose the numbers. It is fully up to you how many numbers you can choose – from 1 to 20 with most online games. Yet, there more you can guess, the more you win;
  • Decide on the bet. If needed, you can then adjust it per your preferences;
  • Understand how many games with Keno you will play. For instance, 5 games will cost you $5 accordingly. Do not buy many of them without awareness of rules;
  • Let the system show you new random numbers, and see whether you win or not.

The Best Tips for Keno Slots Gameplays

Even though the game is fully about random and your luck, few tips exist to help you maximize the potential for winning.

Always overlook your budget. You should never play above your available money;

Stick to one thinking – odds cannot always be in your favor. If you have such understanding, there won’t be any huge disappointment;

Play with consecutive numbers since they are linked to winnings the most;

You can proceed with playing with the same numbers – but only if you have such kind of superstitions;

Try to play with numbers that you did not choose before but they were winning;

If you see that the same numbers are lucrative ones, choose them in the next games;

The fewer numbers you play with, the more durable gameplay is available;

Play keno online for real money when you are aware of all rules and tips.


Can I adjust the betting?

Yes, you can. The game has a window usually found below where max bets and min bets are displayed. It is always up to you how much your stake is. Yet, it is better to keep your stakes low to not lose much money. Note, you should always build a certain budget for a game and do not go over it.

Should you pay taxes for such gameplays?

It solely depends on the country you reside in. In most countries, all your winnings are not subject to taxes. For instance, it concerns the UK. To learn more about it, you should speak either to a lawyer, or designated organization overlooking the gambling industry and practices in your area of living.

Are there any strategies to maximize your winnings within the game?

The no download game is all around randomness, luck, and your intuition. You won’t find one strategy or hack how to always win. The only tip concerns your budget. You should stick to low stakes, and never increase them to the extreme if you continuously lose. Moreover, you should first practice with free plays to understand how winnings occur.

Can I consider Keno as a good way of earning money?

No, please do remember that Keno and other online gambling solutions are only entertainment. The games are created for one’s fun, excitement and adrenaline. Never rely on such earnings since losses are common too.

How much can I win with Keno?

Everything depends on the casino you choose to Play Keno with. For instance, some online casinos are linked to 1,000,000$ winnings, however, it does not mean that you will be the one who can trigger such a jackpot.

How Keno online differs from land-based alternatives?

Online Keno offers better odds, and it allows a player to access much faster drawings. When it comes to land-based alternatives, there are high house-edge and medium returns to players. Finally, it is all about your comfort. You do not need to go to a casino but find it online and proceed with engaging gameplays.