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Gambling was prevalent even in ancient times. People gathered to entertain in various places. Those, who adored risking, bet precious things. The raffle lacked control and safety, and nobody could predict the outcome of such gaming. Later, people created official rules, stakes, and buildings where householders could run a craps game legally. Today, plenty of casinos offer lucrative bonuses, various games, and welfare that correspond to the law and Privacy Policy.

The variety makes it hard to choose the best casino. On-land organizations are easy to check. What about online gambling sites? How to enjoy free casino slot games for fun and prevent personal data-stealing? World Casino Expert has done its best to create a collection of top websites in 2021. Each site guarantees protection of personal information, super bonuses, and rapid payouts. You may check the list and pick the most suitable variant.

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Guide to Craps Game Online: Rules and Secrets

Beginners might consider the craps table to look complicated. It is long and has many numbers. Besides, brick-and-mortar casinos gather many people around the table. Newcomers usually cannot learn the rules of the games because of noise and terms used by punters and dealers. Craps online are easy to play because a person can sit in a quiet place and learn everything about it. Such a strategy prevents losses.

This article describes essential things each gambler should know before starting throwing the dice. First of all, the table has two sides with the same signs. Due to that, both sides participants can try their luck simultaneously. Second, it is essential to get acquainted with five craps gambling prep steps to know what to do.

  • Find out what terms advanced gamers use to understand the croupier.
  • Read articles about the game’s strategy and the table set.
  • Think of numbers where you’d like to put chips.
  • Throw the two playing dice on the table and sum up the dots.
  • Learn about the correlation between winning numbers and cashout ratio.

Game participants can deal with two roles. The first one attracts the attention of other punters because it is a shooter’s position (the individual who manipulates dice). Others bet on his or her win. The online version with a live dealer conveys the atmosphere of Las Vegas thrill. This version has the same two phases of playing.

The beginning phase can lead to the second or not. Everything depends on the result of the first throw. If a person gets 7 or 11, the casino will top up the balance of the shooter and others who put their chips on the winning number. 12, 3, and 2 will force the shooter to shift the role because these numbers equal failure. Other transfer combinations lead a person to the second phase.

The closing phase is about a shooter’s chance to repeat the transfer number and get the reward. The main thing is not to get 7. This time this number equals fiasco, and the game receives a new shooter. The new dicer is chosen according to the pre-agreement, or it is the next clockwise wager. That is everything one should know about the best online craps game.

Terms of Craps Online

Croupiers are professionals. They know everything about how to play mobile casino and got used to game terminology. Newcomers get confused because of that. That is why it is necessary to have a list of terms to be in the loop.

Craps states not only for the game’s name. Advanced players use this word when speaking about unlucky numbers in the first phase of the game (two, three, twelve).

Come concerns a side player’s stake on the shooter’s loss.

Do not come means the opposite to come.

Field wagering involves participants who watch over the shooter’s manipulations. They try to predict the outcome of the throw but deal only with numbers 1-4 and 9-12.

A pass occurs in the initial phase of the game when the chief gambler manages to ‘throw’ seven or eleven. In the second phase, a croupier uses this term to indicate the point (transfer number).

Do not pass in the reverse meaning of the previous term. In the second phase, a gambler hears it when getting seven or eleven before the point.

Big 6 is used when participants hope to see six dots on two dice.

Big 8 is an analogue to the previous bet but with eight instead of six.

Place Bets deals with six numbers (4-6 and 8-10). A gambler puts chips on all these numbers. It is a good strategy, but there must not be seven earlier.

Any Craps belong to bets that predict missouts. Consequently, the gamer rolls dice and sees one of the three misfortune numbers (12, 3, 2).

Hardways concerns even numbers from four to ten. They are also called hard. 2×2 or 4×2 will make hard two and hard four (or 4 and 8 in total).

Any Seven fits those who hope to see seven dots on two dice.

That is all. We think that now the rules of the game do not look so weird and hard to understand. A person may also read about craps casino game strategy to know how to get most of each stake.

How to Select a Worthy Casino to Play Craps Online

Gambling is a part of risky entertainment when a person plays for money. It is rather hard to find a site that is safe and fair. One should be careful when entrusting money to casino holders. Irrefutable websites can take your money and leave you with nothing. How to choose the Internet platform to play craps online safely? There are some moments one should pay attention to.

Decent Payout Percentage

We investigate the gambling business to learn more about bets and cashouts. We know how punters want to receive monetary rewards for their excellent playing. That is why we have created a list of reputable websites that allow a person to take delight in each second of gambling.

Besides, each of them offers a high payout percentage. What does it mean? For example, your stake is $200. The casino’s profit percentage is 4%. It means you will get 96% of the sum in case of a hit. Eventually, the dealer delivers $192 on your account, and $6 remains in the casino. Such payout is decent, though it can be higher and reach up to 98-99%. We select iGaming platforms with the highest percentage of payout because you deserve that.

Bets System

If you are a beginner, this issue might look a little complicated for you. Unlike real money slots online, this game has two phases. A newcomer might be puzzled when a croupier denies his or her bets. The reason for that is simple. Phases have different winning combinations and, logically, bet systems. For example, seven means win in the first phase but a loss in the second.

Online casinos have their rules and explain them in the About Us section or in one of the descriptive articles. Gamers often forget to read Privacy Policy Notes, information about permitted and prohibited actions and stakes. Live croupiers deal with plenty of players simultaneously. They are not obliged to explain the rules or the betting system to everyone during the game. Only some casinos do that. So, it is necessary to learn everything about betting before wagering.

We select websites that are eager to explain bets to their customers. Fairness is the best feature of a reputable gambling platform.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Sometimes the design of the website looks great. The system offers a bonus for the first try, and everything resembles the on-land casino. Nevertheless, an experienced gambler is incorruptible. He or she knows that other features are essential in the choice of the casino. It is a list of things that a trustable craps game online must-have.

  • Certificate about the passed audit about the fairness and legality of the website
  • Updated SSL certificate
  • Solid data and account protection
  • Approval of a reputable licensing body like eCOGRA or iTech Labs
  • Accurate comments of real gamblers
  • Unbiased and objective reviews like on World Casino Expert
  • Rapid cashouts and easy deposit procedure
  • A chance to select the mother language in the settings
  • Professional online support

These tips help everyone deal only with top-rated and safe websites.

How to Get the Desired Results in Casino Craps Online

Gamers often think that everything they need is knowledge about the rules of Internet craps and the gambling site. Nobody doubts their importance. Nevertheless, it is not enough for those who want to win. What else must a person consider?


Nothing can be better than free practising. Almost all websites offer free no download demos. They let a person give it a shot without risk. Due to that, one learns the basic strategy of the game. Some gamblers even discover winning patterns and develop their individual gaming style. Afterwards, they are ready to start a real money game.

Big Stakes Are not for Beginners

Unless you are rich, never bet on high stakes. First, one should master the technique. Besides, craps might take your breath away, and you can forget about the balance. As a result, you can exceed the sound measure and get debts. You need to be wise and secure yourself from huge losses.

Consider the House Edge

A house edge may differ depending on the phase. The first one usually deals with higher winning chances due to a lower house edge. Sometimes, contestants decide to bet in the middle of the first or second phase. They can win, but the reward will be lower. Though many websites introduce the formula of understanding the house edge calculation, not everyone will be able to find it out correctly.

Choose Your Strategy

It is not a problem to find information about successful craps strategy on the Internet. Gambling experts recommend avoiding the most common bets like any seven, any craps, or big six and eight. The best option is to stake on miss out and pass. The house edge, in this case, is not significant (1.4%), but the odds are relatively high. Remember! Only patient players become successful gamblers.

Big 6 and 8 are Tricky

Big here doesn’t mean beneficial. A person hopes to see this number before seven. The frequency of losses connected with such bets is pretty high. The house edge is 9%! Advanced punters recommend selecting these numbers as a part of the Place bet. Due to that, one might expect only a 1.5% house edge and the odds are good.

RTP Rate

Almost all online games have the same odds. On line craps have pitfalls a gamer should be aware of. Here, a person can win and lose at the same time. It is necessary to learn more about odds and special offers for beginners and experienced gamblers. An average online casino offers 98.5% RTP.

The Best Gambling Sites in September

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Why Should You Play Craps Casino Game on Our Website

As soon as you decide to try your luck in online gaming, you will need to do that on a reliable website. It must not cheat the outcome. Besides, full versions need deposits. Consequently, one will connect the online account to the debit or credit card to promise fast money transfer. If you choose our website to play the best online craps game, you will benefit from several reasons.

    • Multi-stage verification

Our team checks each casino using more than ten criteria, including safety, payouts, legality, license, customer support, and more.

    • Independence

World Casino Expert does not collaborate with any of the presented casinos. We provide only unbiased and honest reviews of websites.

    • Responsibility

If a person does not get payouts after they have ended to play baccarat or craps, we exclude the casino from our list and inform our customers about cheating.

    • Responsible gaming

World Casino Expert stresses the importance of responsible fluttering. Our team does not recommend doing that for a stable income. Such entertainment is very risky. Even experienced contestants can lose a punt. That is why the team provides the following shreds of advice.

      • one should bet only on extra cash not to experience severe financial losses;
      • one should distinguish between family and gambling budgets;
      • it is not good to borrow or take a credit to crack the whip;
      • in case of problems, it will be necessary to turn to a specialist.

Prizewinners always want to repeat the success. Sometimes, they succeed and withdraw substantial sums. Unfortunately, innumerable gamblers lose their mind and risk everything they have. Such a decision leads to bankruptcy. That is why a person must be wise when getting on a roll.


What Odds to Expect here?

0.65% in favour of casinos in both on-land and online craps. Some brokers take more. The reason is apparent because casino owners make for living due to that.

Are There Mobile Craps?

Almost all casinos develop mobile-friendly versions of craps. Besides, you can also crack the whip via a browser or apps.

Which Bet is the Most Profitable?

Come. The payouts happen in 99%, and the house edge is 1.4%. Others might promise better cashouts, but the risk is higher. Newcomers are not to deal with them because one needs to practice a lot before playing the ponies.

Can I be Cheated?

We never collaborate with frauds. Cheating spoils a reputation and leads to bankruptcy. The chosen sites want to exist long and be legal.

What Payouts to Expect?

1:1 in case of the most popular and winning bets like don’t come and pass or come and pass. Other flutters are harder to win, but the payouts are higher. Contact the casino’s customer support to learn more.

What does “come” mean in craps?

It is a bet that promises good odds. One can stake after the point. A wager triumphs if the shooter loses (provides 7 or 11).